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Real estates - mass  fraud in Germany       hits since September 2000  

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Investors from all over the world should be very careful when investing money into German real estates or real estate funds.  Otherwise they are in great danger of financial execution and ruin.

And foreign banks should be very careful before merging with German banks.


You don't believe that....




  • ... € are disappearing  on the German capital market every year?

  • ...Germany has got ridiculous consumer protection laws against investment fraud?

  • ... investment mass fraud therefore has been possible all over Germany?

  • ... over 300.000 normal families have been defrauded with junk estates?

  • ...  certain 'honourable' German banks are involved in mass fraud against unprotected customers?

  • ...  German state commissions are trying to protect banks against customers,
         who are  fighting for justice and against organized and legalized mass fraud ?

  • ...  German gouvernements have been ignoring this mass scandal for years?

  • ... the German High Court has ignored mass scandal for years?

  • ... too many German judges don't have sufficient knowledge about investment  
        fraud and efficient consumer  protection?

  • ...  this alltogether is apparently a violation of EU-customer protection laws?

  • ... desperate victims have already committed suizide?

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This website  deals with Germany-wide fraudulent sales of real estates to approximately 300.000 low and middle-income recipients. In all cases a common pattern was followed ("Treuhandmodell"). Within this model several German banks and saving companies acted not only as lenders (of loans) but also, together with "trustees", as initiators. Sales people, often trained by banks, promised among other things investors/victims a bank-approved investment and, most importantly, a guaranteed rental income. A few years thereafter, following the inevitable collapse of most housing projects (Wohnanlagen), more and more people became unable to make further payments. –

In many of those  cases the Bayerische Hypotheken- und Wechselbank (HypoBank) and – after the merger with Bayerische Vereinsbank – Bayerische Hypo- und Vereinsbank (HypoVereinsbank) is by many customers accused of being deeply involved in the massfraud. There have also been massive complaints by customers of Bank and Deutsche Bank as well as of BADENIA Bausparkasse. How those  financial institutes deal with their responsibility for the economic damage and mental distress caused by their adventurous financing practices is not only a legal question, but also a one for business ethics.

Protest and fight against mass fraud with real estates all over Germany

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Who will ever stop this?

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*) opfer = victims  //   'peanuts' = a citation of former Deutsch Bank chairman Hilmar Kopper.  In 1995 "peanuts" was selected as the "Unwort' ("un-word" or "no-word") of the year 1994. A jury led by Horst-Dieter Schlosser, a linguist from Frankfurt, selected "peanuts" from a pool of more than 1000 suggestions. Hilmar Kopper, chairman of the board of directors of the Deutsche Bank, had used the word "peanuts" (until then not a German term) in order to characterize Deutsche Bank's losses because of outstanding craftmen's bills which the vanishing real estate agent Juergen Schneider had left to his bank.